welcome to the namia region

the dense and varying terrains of the namia region are home to many species of pokémon as they migrate across the globe. once every decade, many migration paths sync up, causing the region's pokémon population to skyrocket! trainers, gym leaders, professors, and adventurers come from far and wide to experience this rare phenomena. get ready to begin your journey as a pokémon trainer and travel the region with an unusual eevee as your companion.

calonotown martaltown paporatown gym3 boathouse paporadiner primelletown metreloscity norevecity cerasoltown birchlab school lucadeoforest landracave underwater maridalforest

fresh experience

every user interface has seen significant updates both visually and functionally, while maintaining the generation-3 aesthetic. a new sound engine brings music from the nintendo ds era to the namia region.

bag summary party storage

battle engine

all moves and abilities from later pokémon generations have been implemented. modern mechanics like mega evolution are available, as well as the brand new deltaδ species. battles feature detailed backgrounds and a unique take on the battle interface.

status effective mega raid caught double


rewarding mini-games such as pochi mixing, mining, slot machines, and more are available in special locations across the region.

pochi mining

blend berry drinks for your pokémon with the berries you pick from your berry pots or soil plots around the region.

berryblender berrypots

take advantage of your revitalized pokétch that acts as an all-in-one hub for accessing features like the pokédex, dexnav, world map, etc.

pokedex dexnav


pokémon saffron version is still in development. all screenshots and information above is subject to change.